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Green Energy The Next Five Years

One thing to understand about Americans is we vacation less and tend to often speak only one language. While this differentiates us from the rest of the world, Americans are still concerned about the way the rest of the world sees us. Anyone traveling overseas is stereotyped as an “ugly American,” but even more so in today’s world due to our over consumption of the world’s energy. In fact, according to recent studies, the United States is about 4% of the world’s population, but consumes nearly 25% of the world’s energy.

Needless to say this is quite embarrassing, especially when you consider most Europeans have cut down on traditional forms of energy. A great example of this is when the European Union announced their plans to reduce CO2 levels by 20% before 2020. This means several companies will have to work together and utilize other forms of energy such as solar and wind. Billions have already been invested in this product by Germany, Great Britain, and the Netherlands (as well as others), in hopes of changing the world.

Do you know what the Americans did? Uhm, absolutely nothing. Instead our politicians spent countless hours arguing over whether this is a viable problem. Without an agreement it means there is no new legislation, and without legislation we are left looking like the bad guy in the world’s eyes. The truth is our politicians are missing the point. Even if climate change wasn’t a real issue, we are still consuming a quarter of the world’s energy. This is really embarrassing, and the only way to control it is by utilizing all the alternatives that are right in front of us everyday.

Since our politicians have failed to lead the country on this issue, the responsibility has fallen to each individual American citizen to make a difference and change the way he uses energy. In this article we will be taking a look at number of alterations you can make to you home or office that will consume less energy, save money on bills and also help the environment.

Solar Power – With the recent increases in electricity prices throughout the United States, it just makes sense to install solar electricity panels at home. Not only is solar power clean, sustainable and free, it is also less expensive to install than it’s ever been. In fact many people with solar panels find that they can depend on them for all or most of their electricity needs. The only drawback is that solar power does not produce electricity on cloudy days or at night. That is why many people who’ve invested in solar panels also choose to put in a wind turbine as well.

Wind Turbines – Wind turbines are nothing more than small windmills that are used for producing electricity. As we mentioned, they are also used in combination with solar electricity and they have proved extremely efficient at producing electricity. That is one reason the Europeans have invested so heavily in them. Another reason is that they are cheap. The average home wind turbine can be installed for only a few hundred dollars. They are nearly maintenance free and will produce electricity whenever the wind blows.

Hybrid Cars – Even though hybrid cars are more expensive then your average vehicle, you will soon realize the benefits of saving on gas. It’s nice to know you can save up to $1500 a year just because you purchased a better and more efficient energy car. If you look at the big picture you will save $15,000 over a decade.

Fluorescent Lights – Your average light bulb lasts for about 1,000 hours. Even though you won’t find most of them to be too costly, it’s much better to use fluorescent lights. They offer close to 10,000 hours worth of lightly, help you save a tremendous amount of money on your electricity, and give you the opportunity to recycle them when they’ve run out. All of these are great for helping the environment.

Energy Efficient Windows – Believe if or not, most of the heat that is lost from your home during the winter is lost because of poorly constructed windows. Making an investment in energy efficient windows is probably the best thing you can do to instantly lower your heating bill.

So there you have it, a few solid suggestions on how each and every one of us can do our part and stop being ugly Americans.

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By Following These Simple Steps, You Can Make An Income Generating Power Source From Home

Are you fed up with all your expenses from power bills? Why don’t you try checking out Earth 4 Energy’s guide? It is an inclusive do-it-yourself guidance on how you could power up your homes with renewable energy. It is a way of generating your own solar panels and wind generator. The training is definitely easy to understand.

Will it cause a difference switching to solar and wind power generator? Yes of course, a big difference indeed. In exchange of the piling up bills you have every month, you will just prepare $200 for the materials you are going to use in building your solar panel or wind power generator by utilizing Earth 4 Energy’s guide. With one expense, you will be saved from monthly expenses while having your net income. For further inquiries, you may visit MaverickReviewer.com

In the near future America’s energy will mainly come from solar and wind but that is if we do something about it. Aside from saving lots of money, you will also be a big help to the environment because you will be using clean renewable energy. By that, you will be promoting an inexpensive way of generating your own energy.

If you have second thoughts, all you have to do is to browse online and you’ll see the big difference Earth 4 Energy will bring also find time to check MaverickReviewer.com. You will finally be free from financial obligations plus you will also be establishing an income generating scheme that would sure benefit a lot of people.

Earth 4 Energy is undoubtedly a good buy if you wish to power up your own homes with your home made renewable energy. This is a certification that not everything good can only be bought by a big amount; in fact you can find it from your own backyards. Log on to MaverickReviewer.com today to learn more.

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Cool T-shirts: Clothes That Speak Funny T-shirts: Make others laugh Funny T-shirts: Speaks for you

Nowadays there are so many cool funny looking clothes in the market. Also a large number of different kinds of stylish clothing which are ready to use are available for girls. The new generation is very fond of wearing fancy shirts and trousers. These are not only attractive but also comfortable and easy to use.

In our free times we like to wear dresses which make us very comfortable. That is why we wear T-shirts and jeans .T-shirts are available in various types and colors. They are not only comfortable but also communication is also possible through them. So the companies which provide us these shirts should be appreciated. Some of the sensitive things which cannot be told by us can be said using T-shirts with logo and pictures.

You can get T-shirts in many different funky colors and with the most hilarious captions on them. You can find T-shirts to suit your moods. When you are happy, you can sport T-shirts that display some amazing colors and the cutest of smileys.

So many different colors, pictures, captions are printed on t-shirts that bring T-shirts to life. I just like them and some shirts can trigger me into a naughty mood. If you do not believe in what I say then just visit a store nearby your house.

There are so many shirts which are very amusing and among them I have few shirts which I like the most. One shirt which I love to die for it is the one which says without me, its just aweso. There are funny texts also like all cute guys are gay.

Another T-shirt that brought me to tears laughing was this T-shirt that had something written in fine print that it was almost impossible to read unless you walked right up to the t-shirt and then you could read it you are one curious dog, arent you?

T-shirts are not just to wear but also can be given to others as gifts. Size and color should be kept in mind while selecting them for others.

Another great thing about these new fun tease T-shirts is that they come in almost unthinkable colors. You can really add more color to your wardrobe by picking up a few of these t-shirts. They come in some amazing fresh and refreshing colors that are simply fantastic. So dont waste your time, hop over to the closest mall and grab your self one of these funny one liner T-shirts!

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sofa cushions

Update your sofa with sofa cushions

Sofa Cushion

We often get tired to look at the sofa set which has worn out and looks saggy. It is not comfortable and you do not feel like sitting on it. You can renovate your old sofa and make t a new one again. The sofa cushion is made from a polyurethane foam rubber and with time the foam starts to lose its rigidity and springiness. The more the sofa is used the more it will wear and one can make your old sofa feel like new again in no time.

Superb seat comfort is the key to having that calm spot amid the chaos of everyday life and it is dependent solely on the condition and quality of the foam used. The first thing to understand about maintaining the comfort of your seating is why cushions wear out to begin with. Open-cell comfort foam, the filling in the majority of seating, consists of a web of tiny, spindly struts; the structural remains of millions of burst bubbles of foam.


Alternative And Natural Energy Solutions

Effective production of power and energy with the environmental safety and maintenance in mind is done by alternative energy solutions of the present times. People have been stressing their desire of using fossil fuels for energy production purposes and this has been proved fatal by scientists and researchers. They cause irreversible damage to the environment and the fossil fuels of the earth are the non reusable energy resources. Eventual overuse of the same will result in depletion of the stocks and finally the entire stock of fuels will disappear. Hence, in order to save irreplaceable energy resources, we need to use alternative energy solutions.

Today many alternative energy solutions are available for use even though most of them are in the throes of infancy. Some of the most common ones are listed below;

Wind power solutions have the capacity to use the power of the winds and help drive small turbines or windmills that in turn generate electricity through specially designed converters. The generators are nothing but rotating fans in large sizes that are rotated by the wind, thereby generating kinetic energy into electricity. Farms have been setup in various parts of the world to harvest wind power and they have been proved successful in many places. Even the idea of floating wind power farms is being tested in the middle of the oceans and if it succeeds, then the power generation industries will see a huge revolutionary change.

Biomass/Biogas. Biomass uses any plant and organic material as its fuel. Usually this organic material is transformed into briquettes and later burnt in a specialized boiler. This produces heat and methane (when decomposed using bacteria in an anaerobic environment). The heat produced can be used to drive generators which produce electricity and the methane produced can be used in lieu of natural gas. Biomass also acts as a waste cleaner.

Harnessing the power from the sun is possible by the process of solar energy conversion process and they are done by using solar panels to gather the sun rays, converting them to electricity. Storing them in batteries as backup for its use at night is possible here and when this process is combined with the wind power generation, a continuous power supply is possible for our needs.

If you want to find out more about alternative energy please read more about wind turbines and solar generators alternative energy solutions and clean renewable wind generated and solar energy on our website www.windgenarator.info


Stylish Country Home Decor

Your house is finally spick and span and you sit down and put your feet up for a minute with a nice cup of coffee by the side of you and you pick away at your cake. You are tired but it’s that good kind of tired when you know you’ve done a hard day’s work and you have no regrets about it. A feeling of contentment settles on you and you look around you with satisfaction.

A magazine lies tantalizingly within reach and you give in and pull it towards you, intending to enjoy your well-deserved rest. The main cover story jumps right out at you, called Country Home Decor. Naturally you flip through eagerly to that very section, you had just seen an article on converting your house into a small country haven in another magazine and you were interested.

Page upon page of the magazine is filled with what can only be categorized as the most perfect country home decor you can imagine. You gaze longingly at the various styles and furnishings you see gracing the magazine’s pages. A quick look up from your magazine assures you that your own modest abode hasn’t changed magically into one of those lovely country homes you were just looking at.

A sad sigh passes your lips at the realization and so you go back to reading your magazine article. You had never thought that you were the type of person who could stand the country home decor style but now upon consideration you think you just might be able to.

Now without your even realising it, you begin marking the pieces that fascinate you the most, making small maths calculations on how best to achieve the same effect but on the smaller budget that you have to spend. After all, it just wouldn’t do to spring for that lovely Welsh dresser and have to go without your freshly ground whole bean coffee, would it?

However, you could definitely buy that appealing table runner without any problem. And if you donated all those modern chrome coffee mugs and dinner sets to charity you wouldn’t really be splashing out, would you, since you would’ve done your best for charity and given them all these things unselfishly?

And what about swapping those snazzy blinds for something that’s a bit more in the country home decor style. And while you’re going about it, perhaps you could even exchange that ugly lampshade you received as a Christmas gift for something a little more country.

The only thing that is left for you to do now is to sit back and enjoy the results of your labours and gaze with beaming pride upon your newly redecorated home. Furnished, naturally enough, in the best country home decor style that you could cull from every source that you found, like that first magazine article that started it all off way back when.

If you are looking for modern ideas on stylish home decor, then you really must go along to our website for more free ideas on country home decor and more. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service


Slash Your Energy Bills With Windmill Electricity

Windmill electricity is something that more and more people are looking into because of increasing energy costs. Windmills provide an unattractive alternative because they are essentially creating free energy.

Below will briefly talk about the history of windmills and then do a quick review on a few popular residential models that can produce windmill electricity at home.

Wind has been being harnessed since 200 B.C. in Persia. But the first practical windmills were built in the regions of Afghanistan and Iran in the 7th century.

Most windmill electricity today is produced in large wind farms that use three bladed turbines. These long blades have tips that can travel up to 200 mph.

However, many companies are now offering smaller residential models that you can install on top of your house or in your yard. Some of these are so small that they even weigh less than 20 pounds.

While these tiny windmills cannot be used to power your home, they could be used for smaller uses like powering a small appliance because they can reach up to 500 watts depending on wind speed.

Skystream Residential Windmill Model

The Skystream model has an estimated 400 kilowatts output a month and costs about $8500. It does require a battery bank and it can tie in with the grid system when the winds are less than 8 mph. For optimum performance, wind speed needs to be about 20 miles per hour. One of the requirements for the Skystream residential windmill is that you have one acre of land.

Honeywell Windmill Model

The residential windmill from Honeywell is made to be attached to the top of your house. This is a low wind requirement windmill. It can operate in wind speeds as low as 4 mph. This model also comes with a grid tie in and costs about $4500.

So as you can see if you want to produce windmill electricity at home it can be done. Before purchasing one of these windmills make sure you know what the average wind speed in your area is.

Visit our website to learn more about how to make windmill electricity at home and to read about the amazing Magniwork perpetual generator.


Live Deer Cameras

Live deer cameras

The use of wildlife cameras have grown in popularity recently due to the cost of technology becoming less and their use on TV programs such as BBC Countryfile, Springwatch and the fantastic Lost Land of the Tigers program where researchers used  Bushnel Trophy Camera to capture footage of the elusive Bhutan tiger.

Wildlife camera is a digital camera housed in a secure watertight casing with infrared LED to illuminate wildlife at night and a motion detection system. With the arrival of spring many deer hunters are looking forward to the many new products becoming available to aid them in harvesting that elusive trophy buck of their dreams.

Most deer hunters set up on the trails leading to or actually at the deer feeders they are using as a way to gage the number of deer in the area and if there are any trophy bucks roaming around. When trophy bucks are photographed by the trail the live deer cameras gives the hunter important information as to where a good location to set up a tree stand might be for an opportunity to harvest this buck.


Caring for Your Aging Pet

Pets become “senior” at different rates, but all are subject to the same kinds of problems that aging humans experience. As your dog or cat moves into the later stages of life, it’s important to recognize changing nutrition and lifestyle requirements. Familiarizing yourself with the needs of your senior pet will help you ensure his or her happiness at any age.


Health Issues Senior Pets Face


Just like people, pets’ bodies don’t function as well as they age, making them prone to problems such as:


• Partial or complete loss of sight and hearing

• Stiffness and arthritis

• Urinary incontinence

• Kidney disease

• Liver disease

• Heart disease

• Benign or malignant tissue growth

• Skin and coat changes


If you notice signs and symptoms that correlate with any of these, take your pet to the vet for a checkup and discuss what, if any, special considerations need to be addressed. There may be medications, diet changes or lifestyle factors that can be adjusted to make your pet more comfortable.




Due to changes in metabolism and nutrient requirements, older pets benefit from foods that are easier to digest. “Senior” food formulations may or may not provide the right balance of nutrition for your furry friend. Talk to your vet about different diets to determine the best type of food to buy. You’ll likely need to change the amount of food that you give your pet to ensure that they maintain a healthy weight.




As you’re considering food for your senior pet, remember that cats require a higher concentration of protein in their diets than dogs, even as they get older. Both dogs and cats may benefit from supplementation with the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA to improve mobility and support longevity. In general, well-balanced pet foods should provide all of the vitamins and minerals that your aging pet needs. However, if specific health concerns exist, your vet may recommend targeted nutrients to ensure good health.




Dogs and cats need to stay active as they age. Provide cats with mentally stimulating toys and puzzles along with safe outdoor time if appropriate. Dogs enjoy a variety of toys to keep their minds sharp as well. Maintain a regular walk schedule with your senior dog that’s suitable for his age and size.




Make your home safe for your aging pet by blocking off steep staircases with baby gates or installing ramps to make navigation easier. Create a comfortable, warm space for sleeping and resting with blankets and even some pillows. Don’t forget to schedule regular vet checkups so any health problems can be caught early and addressed before they develop into something serious.


Though taking care of senior pets requires a little more time and attention than when they were young, it’s more than worth the effort to ensure that Fido or Fluffy stays healthy and happy. Being attentive and caring means that you and your pet can enjoy quality time together no matter what age he or she lives to be.


Green Business Can Help Your Company Reduce Costs

Environmental protection is not just good for the environment, it is also good for the budget. You can adopt green business practices and enjoy the positive effects that it will have on your company’s public image. While you focus on increasing your profit margin, all anyone else needs to know is that you are helping out the planet.

As you are looking for ways to reduce your spending and maximize your profits, you can also look for ways to reduce your waste. The best way to produce less trash is to have fewer materials to start with. Look beyond the office supplies. Think about ways to make your production line more efficient with the raw materials. Look at your shipping schedules. Do not ignore your office entirely. Start wondering how much of the paper is really necessary.

There is no need to purchase scrap paper. Anytime the printer or fax machine jams there is plenty of paper that is deemed no longer suitable for professional use because it is horribly wrinkled. Cut it up and use it for phone messages. Make sure both sides of the paper gets used before it finally hits the recycling bin.

Paperless billing, invoicing, and inventories are a growing trend. Having the paper system means lots of work to create a lot of waste in the end. That gets really expensive. It could really take two or more employees to send out paper invoices. Move to a paperless system will reduce not only the cost of materials, but also the cost of the labor to prepare and send everything out. Make paperless the standard, and then charge an additional fee to anyone requesting a paper copy to cover the addition labor and material costs.

Wouldn’t you love to cut down the cost of business travel? By reducing the number of trips made for business, you not only save money, but also reduce the emissions that your company creates. If traveling for meetings is a common occurrence between two offices then look into web conferencing. You may have to pay a small fee to set it up, but it will be lower than the cost of paying people to go from one place to another.

Maintaining office space gets expensive. The less office space that you use, the less money it will cost you. By changing some of the jobs on your staff to be available for flexible schedules, or purely telecommute, you can rapidly cut down on the amount of space you need for your office. You could also arrange for people to work in shifts so that office space is shared between people. Not only will you lower energy consumption within the office, but people will not be driving their cars into work everyday. In one swift move you can improve your public image, boost employee morale, help the environment, and save money.

Recycling is very important. Make sure that the recycling bins in your office are easily accessible and clearly marked. In many places, not doing this can end up costing you a lot of money in fines.

Doing the right thing generally has a nice reward, and adopting green business practices are no exception. As the need to care for the environment becomes more understood, there are more tax breaks available for companies that do their share to make the world a cleaner place. There are also many grants available to implement eco-friendly changes. Look into it, you could be missing out on a lot.

Find the right ways to make your company a green business. Green Businesses are ones that show they care about the environment, show your support to this cause. Go online and find out more now.