Spread The Cheer Of The Season With Christmas T-Shirts

We all remember the shame and embarrassment of opening a gift on Christmas morning from some distant relative, only to find the ugliest Christmas sweater on God’s green Earth. You would then have to smile politely and then be forced to wear it in all of your Christmas morning pictures when your mom catches you trying to shove it under the tree when no one was looking.

Thankfully, ugly Christmas sweaters have passed beyond the fashion sense of even the most oblivious parents. Most likely because the people who were forced into that trauma as children are now parents themselves and have the sense not to repeat the mistakes of the past. That doesn’t mean the Spirit of Christmas and Festivity is dead, however. A new form of Christmas fashion has stepped up to the plate and replaced the ugly Christmas sweater: Christmas t-shirts!

I will be the first to admit that I LOVE Holiday t-shirts. I buy a few each year and wear them from the end of Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas morning. The ritual of the whole thing gets me in the mood for Christmas faster than any fruit cake could, and I can still maintain my dignity. Weeks before the Holidays start, my co-workers start asking me when the Christmas t-shirts are going to start showing up. I just smile, because I know they are looking forward to my seasonal wardrobe change just as much as I am.

You may think that I’m silly and foolish, but I couldn’t care less. I’m sure there are some friends and family who snicker about it, but I also know that even though they may poke fun they still feel the cheer and goodwill my Christmas t-shirts impart.

Christmas is very important to me. It’s a time when I am reminded of the importance of my family around me and the joy we share. I manifest this happiness by wearing my Christmas t-shirts, and I know that they bring a smile to most people’s faces because it reminds them of the same bonds of joy in their own families. As far as traditions go, there are far more senseless ones out there. Happiness is something we should all want to share…even if it’s just on the front of a t-shirt.

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