Maison Scotch Clothing Is A New And An Old Style

You may have seen the little dandelion already. More and more this classy little emblem has been showing up in fashion circles. It is the mark of a company that has been around for a long time. But has reinvented itself in a very successful way. Take a closer look at Maison Scotch clothing.

Over 30 years ago, a modest but aspiring little business named Scotch and Soda sprung up in Amsterdam. They produced high quality and trendy fashions for several years, but while popular with those who discovered them, were largely missed by most of the world. Spreading their beautiful designs to other countries was not very easy back then.

They were modestly successful in European markets. But they were unable to spread much beyond that area. Seldom did you see their mark as far as the United States. However, between 2002 and the present, they reinvented themselves with the introduction of several new lines. Now the seeds of the dandelion have spread worldwide.

They have expanded their market to include young men, young ladies, and expressly women’s fashions. The women’s niche is called Maison Scotch. The look is chic and stylish, but modest and classy.

The chic and classy look can be seen at fashion shows today. Or you can enjoy the modest and understated look on YouTube videos. With today’s technology, you can see what this new line looks like on models while sitting in your own home. They have recently set up their own website, where a complete catalog awaits your perusal. You can even visit their page on Facebook and follow them if you would like updates on sales or new lines.

When you decide it is time to adopt some of their styles for your own wardrobe, you can purchase their wares directly from their website. Or if you prefer, you can find them at online sellers such as eBay or Amazon. Websites that specialize just in clothing also carry Maison Scotch Clothing. Soon the dandelion seeds will be settling into your backyard.

You can visit the website for more helpful information about Maison Scotch Clothing.

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