The Styles Maison Scotch Clothing Is Featuring For Coming Months

Maison Scotch clothing has released its men’s collection for the coming winter while most of the western world still enjoys their summer holidays. It’s time for the male of the species to start thinking about layering because that’s what current trends are all about. There are stylish ways to layer and ways that will have men turning heads for all the wrong reasons.

The main thing about layers is color blending. Two or three hues are plenty. The label’s predominant shades for the season are orange and red combined with the ever to hip blues of the year. Grey also receives a prime spot.

Monochromes usually take over the cold months, pulling cheer from the days using greys and browns. This season is entirely another thing. Brights are more than necessary so cobalt and orange can be happily mixed, as can grey and red.

Khaki and orange has always been a preferred combination. Men’s wear is picking up a little on the safari trend with this mixture. Think khaki bomber jackets layered over orange sweaters with khaki plaid shirts beneath.

Generally layering works best if only one print features with two other flat tones on two garments. The print picks up on one or both flat shades. Men with a head for style are free to break rules where they like but lads with less aplomb can confidently use this rule.

As always, knits are a huge feature for the label. There’s also a smattering of leather. Silhouettes for men are sleek and fitted. Coats are form hugging and trousers are narrow.

Grey is wonderful when paired with light pastel shades. Powder blue is ideal to wear with grey this year but pink needs to be relegated to warmer months. Light yellow fits in with the autumn tones. Maison Scotch Clothing has everything a lad needs to stock up for the icy months.

You can visit the website for more helpful information about Maison Scotch Clothing.

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