Rise of the Custom Shirts

How does creation of customized shirts begin? The simple t-shirt has been around for years now. They have been dubbed the most versatile items in fashion history. They have been around since time immemorial and they have been worn by a diverse crowd spanning every religion, creed, race, and preference. They have been exposed to extreme conditions and they have proven their worth as the daily tee – common yet durable apparel.

T-shirts are usually button-less and collar-less. They have a wide variety of colors and neckline types, and they have been used as a daily style staple. They are usually made of cotton or polyester and are usually easy to manage and caring for them is easy as wash, rinse and dry. Mind you that t-shirts were once considered underwear and recent variations of the shirt are still considered undergarments.

Customized shirts have been around for some time now, however, they have recently taken a strong foothold in contemporary fashion trends. Recent trends have sparked an evolution for the common shirt and thus spurring the sense of individuality and personal style. This sense of individuality has taken its roots from the idea of the self and that the self emanates from its being and that the being is a projection of one’s personality and thus that feeling for a need to stand out as an individual.

In this age of individuality and self-expression, standing out has been a great consideration even in the field of fashion and design. Self -expression has gained popularity and has found its way into t-shirts. The common shirt, simple yet elegant in its own way, has been recently given much notice as attempts to personalize items made their way into the mainstream of society. Society has been a great influence on the great move towards personalization and individualism and that society has influenced the use of different media to convey messages of self-expression thru the use of items including the wearing of customized shirts and certain apparel.

Customized shirts are fairly cheap. They are versatile and they offer a wide variety of options for mix and matching. Moreover, t-shirts are readily available from most shops and they can be readily worn and they go great to pair with other apparel. Noting that they are cheap does not necessarily mean that they are not of high quality. Cotton shirts are usually easy to make thus they are cheaper than other forms of clothing, but this does not mean that quality is compromised. A cheap price does not always equate to poor quality. Though lots of shirts in the market are of poor quality, a great number are really of high caliber. Note that economical reasons influence a great deal of consumers, and that consumerism has greatly influence the buying trend especially in selecting clothing. Consumers nowadays try to aim for subtler, economical and expressive clothing. It is expressive in the sense that a piece of clothing could, at a certain degree, increase self-expression and individualism.

Customized shirts could also be worn on social causes including rallies and protests aside from being pieces of everyday clothing. Customization allows people to express themselves in a more creative approach. This is never a deviation from the traditional placard rallies that have been relatively coined to rallies and support protests. They are an evolution of expression associated with the use of a piece of clothing as a means to express ideology and the feeling of being an individual in the crowd.

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