Three – Halloween Costumes For Fun & Candy

There can be great care in your Halloween costume by making it yourself but who has time to do that? Many Halloween costumes on the market today are great for their intended purpose and unless you are a Civil War or Renaissance Re-enactor buying a Halloween costume in the 100’s of dollars range would be a bit extreme even for the most devout of Halloween lovers.

Let’s start with the children. Halloween costumes made for kids are offered in a very wide range and most of the adult costumes are made smaller for children. This makes it fun for when a mom or dad want to dress up as Dr. Evil then they can dress up their child as Mini Me. These two Halloween costumes are always available and it adds your own little touch.

If you are looking to couple with your child then why not also consider, as above, a theme by maybe buying a Shrek Halloween costume for yourself and your child cold dress as one of Shrek’s babies or as Donkey and again both Halloween costumes are easily obtainable and you two would be adorable together and adorable spells candy.

If you are a fuddy duddy and getting dressed up in a Halloween costume is not to your liking but you still wish to find a Halloween costume for your child, you need look no further than what they like on TV today. There are plenty of Hannah Montanna or Miley Cyrus Halloween costumes as well as any of the Disney Princess’ if you have a daughter.

When purchasing a Halloween costume for your son, it’s effortless. Boys are very easy to please, especially when it comes to Halloween costumes. Old clothes and fake blood usually make a boy happy. Some boys are more fickle and enjoy scaring people, so the old day Halloween costumes just won’t do. Rags, zombie hands and severed heads are all part of the Halloween costume that a boy usually wants. Find ways to use clothes around the home and then go to your local Halloween store to find fake blood, face paint and any other needed items.

If you as an adult want an elaborate Halloween costume, you can also look to movie or TV show themes. For example, if you like Star Wars, Darth Vader might be an option. And of course, you always have ghouls, zombies and grim reapers to choose from.

Couples need not fear either as Halloween costumes for the lighthearted adult can be fun and sexy by dressing in anything from the Socket and Plug Halloween costume to Bertha and Redneck Trailer Trash. Halloween costume fun at its best to make no one in your family feel left out. Edited by Prestrick Warshe

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