Silver maple leaf – High demand

Silver maple leaf

The demand for silver is very high, just as it is for other precious metals. It was decided to package, the silver maple leaf coin in tubes of 25, due to the high demand. Many minted coins displayed the national symbol of Canada, the maple leaf. The face values made for the beautiful coin are pennies, five, ten, and twenty cents. Canada introduced the silver dollar in 1935.

In 1870, they removed from circulation; melted down, the twenty-cent coin, minting them, into a twenty-five cent coin. They introduced a matching fifty-cent coin the same year. Before 1920, they minted Canadian coins measuring.925 pure silver, commonly known as sterling silver. Needing strength and stability, they used Copper, for the rest of the portion needed. The Canadian government issues a new silver maple leaf coin each year beginning in 1988, as a continuation of a gold coin in 1979. The world’s famous silver maple leaf was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988.

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