How To Prepare To Start Your College Experience

We all have had those classes that just drive us the wall. The teacher is dull, or your classmates are uninspiring, especially that kid who wears Florida State apparel or the material is just dull. Yet you are paying money for the privilege to sit in that very class.

What’s already there?

First, check ahead to see what will be provided for you. Especially if you are moving into the dorms, a lot of necessities will already be taken care of for you. Most dorms and apartments come with mattress pads, microwaves, vacuums, and sometimes even shower curtains. A select few even come with toasters, coffee makers, cleaning supplies, TV/DVD players, and extra storage space. Call ahead and see what will be provided so you don’t waste money and space packing things you don’t need.

Communicate with roommates

One of the most important things to do as you prepare for college is to think about your goals for your career, your education, and your life. When you have a clear idea of the kinds of things you would like to spend your life doing, you will have an easier time making the choices that will get you there.

Another tip to getting most out of class includes taking good notes, preferably by hand. Studies have shown you are more likely to remember something if you have written it down-not typed it out. While you are writing your notes, it is a good idea to write any question or personal conclusions you gain in the margins.

These personal connections that you make with the lecture will make it even easier to remember otherwise obscure facts. Better yet talk to the teacher or your fellow classmates after class about your questions and observations. These informal conversations help you remember the facts and themes of the day’s lecture even more clearly.

If you need help determining what you should take and what you should buy later, start by packing only the big necessities (blankets, clothes, etc.) as well as personal items you are positive you want with you at college (select photos, decorations, music, movies). Cut off items that you will most likely use less than once a month from your packing list. Remember, college rooms are usually small and you will most likely move a few times throughout your college career. Be practical. Don’t take your whole world with you. Besides, you will always run across cool things that you will buy while you are away at college. You will most likely buy some University of Miami apparel or a Texas Tech t-shirt. If, after packing the necessities, you still have room, go ahead and throw in smaller supplies that you could have bought post-move.

Follow these three simple tips and you will have everything you need to start off on a new, exciting adventure! These will save you time, money, space, and stress. Now go have fun!

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